I'm not one who typically enjoys having photos taken, and as a result, I didn't have many good photos for my social media profiles which is why I approached Una. I was a bit apprehensive about going for a professional photoshoot, but Una was fantastic! She really helped me relax, she took the time to learn about me and my work, and she guided me through the entire process. What impressed me the most was how much she enjoyed her work and the amount of energy, care and creativity she put into it. I really enjoy being around people who have found their calling in life and Una is one of those people.

-- Jamie Dixion



Sophisticated and modern shooting, with premium quality that helps you to out shine the others.



Professional in action



Eyes locked on camera, bold and chic shootings that reveals all about you.

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We do headshots for you for professional and personal purposes.

We have a strong urge to express ourselves.

If you are feeling the same impulse,

come to us, have a drink

let’s record all this! 


You think shooting is a camera job? No, it’s first and foremost, last and eventually, always about people, about who you are, about the way you conduct yourself, about some certain moments through which you subconsciously revealed your inner thoughts, and I was there, to merely lure out your reaction, to witness, identify and finally, to click the shutter.


Relax, leave everything to me, I’ll coach you on how to dress, how to pose, what to hide and what to reveal. Every process is tailor made to your specific request, I’ll do whatever it takes to ensure it’s exactly how you want to present yourselves.


To make sure the headshots will be exactly what you want, I can set the studio anywhere; in fact, clients are often most at ease in a familiar environment, so most of my cases are door to door services.



UNA ZHU is a creative photographer, born and raised in Shanghai, she was exposed to diversity and fast evolution since childhood, and became deeply intrigued by the complex of humanity, her later study in photography gave her the tool she needed to record the unique beauty of people around her, and enabled by the results, she sings prayers of individualism, encouraging people to accept and be proud of who they are.

For other works: www.unazhu.com

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