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Be the real you in her camera | A letter from a guest

Receiving this lovely letter from my guest, Gael. I am absolutely flattered by this.

From Gael:

Photographing for me in most of the situation will remind me of those tourist photos taken by my family when I went to tourist attractions, and also from the monotonous background cloth was programmed to photograph your face perfectly but weird symmetrical ID photo in those 2mins photostudio. I want something different, something could speak out of my mind.

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Being fear in front of the camera is not a big deal, we are somewhat afraid, cause we are not superstart anyway!

But at Una's photo studio, her place is transferring into a stage full of playfulness. She is the only audience, the lens is a pair of fresh eyes. I just need to be myself and totally relax in front of it. I expressed to her some madness, innocence, laziness, and all different emotions. She showed me back some interesting photos.

She is an acquaintance of mine. Then I realized that she is constantly throwing interesting topics. I can talk freely with her about the cute boy that I date. She will also share with me her stories from photos. We interacted like close friends in this magic space.

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The curiosity in her about every client is pushing her to know more about them before photographing. Everyone is so different, everyone has unique statement, she never formulate the photography process, discover the beauty together is the most fun part.

I am really curious about why she only focus on portrait and headshot as her speciality. She explained to me that at the beginning of her career, she did shoot a lot of models. But gradually she found out shooting regular people is more intriguing. Bring the most bright and confident side of them is really interesting process. People from all different field and background, they all have different personalities. She is eager to capture the characteristics of everyone in their headshot, rather than a template for everyone to fit into the assembly line.

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