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Creative Chef Portrait in Inkwood Shanghai

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

shanghai creative chef portrait

Portraits help to humanise your business. This time, we come to Inkwood for the chef portrait series.

Chinese Star chef Yang Beichuan, who gained wide recognition via reality TV shows, co-owns the restaurant and heads the kitchen. Yang himself is a combination of Eastern and Western cultures, he perfected his culinary skills with around 14 years in some of the world’s top restaurants. Now back in China, Yang now shares his passion for using local ingredients to create innovative international dishes.

During shooting, Beichuan loves to play the crazy character and make his ingredients become his perfect props.

The first time I heard Beichuan ’s name was on social network, it’s not too hard to find his Weibo in the Internet. A ID called “Beichuan is a cook” standed out. This is well-known chef who calls himself a "cook" on Weibo.

Shanghai chef portrait photo

Shanghai chef portrait photography

“Inkwood is about casual dining with a sharing concept and it’s fully reflected my cooking style — not Italian, not French and definitely not fusion,” he said. “It’s simply a relaxing space where my guests feel at ease, drink and eat a lot.”

As early as adulthood, Beichuan began to find breakthroughs in different cities. From Montreal to Beijing, finally at Shanghai now, life experiences in different cities have become an indispensable ingredient in his cooking. Every dish he tastes on the street is his source of inspiration. He also constantly absorbs and grows from life and travel, and his experience has inspired him far more than a recipe or high-end ingredients.

Though most of the dishes are made with simple ingredients, but each dish is flavorsome, with meticulous cooking skills and abundant creativity behind them, which appealed to guests for its simplicity and playfulness.


Inkwood Restaurant Address:

Columbia Circle,

1/F, Bldg 19, 1262 Yan'an Xi Lu,

near Panyu Lu, Shanghai

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