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Grandma Chen's love for fitness

“A workout is like changing the water when doing laundry. Your body gets rid of all the toxins and comes out cleaner.” Grandma Chen said.

The first time I saw Grandma Chen was to photographing Taikoo Li Qiantan in Shanghai for their wellness online magzine. Chen is our protagonist. Grandma Chen's hearty personality made the whole shooting easier. In the beginning, I tried to capture her energetic look and her determination as a fitness lover. I then used a red background to bring out her unique softness and delicateness as a female. I also tried to create different dynamics with blue and orange.

It was not easy for Grandma Chen to do push-ups for the first time, but it’s all about perseverance. From yoga, badminton, to jogging, Grandma Chen faces new challenges every day, the results slowly came out. She definitely has the most strong body among anyone of us on the set. lol

I like what Grandma Chen said, that exercise is a purification process like doing laundry. Pour out the dirty water and add clean water. Exercise helps us remove toxins from the body, leaving only invigoration and relaxation. This is what keeps Grandma Chen moving. Exercise and fitness become a natural thing like eating for her. If you don't have any equipment, you can get things on the spot to work out with, and you can practice whatever you have.

some fun behind the scenes during the shooting.

Sending your the strongest energy through Grandma Chen!


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