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On assignment: Business Portrait with Shanghai Skyline

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

I always get asked how do you usually shoot business portrait? And here is the articles to explain everything you need to know. Well, mostly of time you just relax, I will guide you through the process and remember to smile. :)

For this time, we chose to be in my client's hotel. They have huge reference room with great view of Shanghai. Reference room is always the best place to take business portrait since the set up is modern and organised. Safe choice for most of situation.📷

Let's have a overall look at this stunning place:

view at shanghai's skyline

And Oh lala, here is the result, a powerful image that present you truly. There you go! I moved the lights to create a fill light since the background light is a bit too harsh in the early afternoon.

When the afternoon light shine through those big windows created such a beautiful texture, seeking the best angle for my client! 👇

And here!

Next location!

The huge table in reference is go-to prop when taking photos! But this angle looks a bit dull, so let's do it from side and cover the view of high-res!

Some standard headshot session of course would included! Provided with your multiple choices.

Camera in your hand! Check your photos and tell me what do you like!

See you next time!




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