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On Assignment: Portraits for furniture designer team

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

A week ago, I get this exciting assignment to shoot some team photos for a furniture designer team. Once I approached them in person, I visualised this shouldn't be a too serious shooting cause they are just in their 30s, energetic and super fun! The stereotype could kill our creativity, so we just go with what we could do on the set.

We drove around the area, and spot a very vast open space near the factory.

Some detailed photos from the workshop. Carried two lights with me to create this interesting effect. I am always love to shoot in the factory, not just the dynamic energy but also can watch all experts working and capture their unique action. Such a natural but great way to present to audience.

A very cool concept so far for this unusual industrial session! Thanks for FangCun team for this amazing assignment!

A short video of Behind the scenes from our shooting this time!

Thanks for watching, see you next time!


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