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On assignment: Use Window Film For Super Cool Photo

Actually it all begins with window film.

Okay, I have to admitted that I order the wrong batch of window film. The window film came to my studio in Shanghai with extra black, which is gonna really black out my studio. idea comes in this situation, and decided to play it around as background!

Because this material surface is reflective, we can arrange it to be used under a direct light to create a dramatic lighting style.


use window film for cool portrait effect

First of all, I used 2 tripods to create a corner. Because it is paper-like, it is not easy to fix on the wall, but if you have two boards of similar size, you can stick on that and create more solid backdrop.

This is definitely not a usual background material for me, for the first time, I handled it a bit rough, so it actually created those creases. However, you never it could turn out a cool effect at the end!

Life is involving experiment constantly!


Let's take a look at the natural light in the studio first. Those reflection are exactly what I am planning for!

Next step is adding lighting, I used a direct light above the model and make her pop out. and the lights reflected on the backdrop like a bulb. The strobe sure makes her pop out!


Next, we played around with blue and red color gel, two very contrasty color. Great for nighty dramatic portrait effect. You can see the right side when model gets into frame, the effect is there.


use window film for cool photo effect

use window film for cool portrait effect

use window film for cool portrait effect

use window film for cool portrait effect


Here is one more set up for you!


Trust me I know how expensive photography can be, but here is a real example show you that could use those cheap, day to day material to create something different!

Never limited with your imagination!


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