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How to pose for headshot like a pro

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Shanghai business portrait headshot professional interior designer
Shanghai business portrait

The main reason for me to love portrait photography is that it's a form of art that requires the photographer to focus on one person. However, when taking close-up portraits, like headshot and business portrait photographer moves so close to get a detail shot where only the face is visible. It's really focusing on the facial features, expressions and the sparks in their eyes.

Although it sounds really easy concept, that doesn't mean that close-up portrait is easier. Truth is that we put significant attention on how photographer captures visually and emotionally compelling images.

A report from eMarketer found that 82% of consumers trust a company and 77% more likely to buy from a company, if the founder uses social media, which means the quality and style of your business portrait conveys a lot about your as a personal and signals how you conduct business. Those photos for your business is a branding decision and represent your personal. A blurry or poorly cropped picture is not ideal in this situation since most business nowadays are internet based.


Shanghai business portrait

Keep your back straight

When you take business headshot, people wearing formal clothes. In order to stay away from crease up the shirt, keep your body straight is a good idea. Besides of that, sit straight up can be a good posture indicates confidence.

Shanghai business Portrait

Use your hands and arms

I love when hands and arms involve in the photo, it brings so much energy and make the photo interesting. It helps make a person's figure look more flattering. Before we make a pose, let your hands and arms drop naturally, remain relaxed first, cause If any part of your body is tense or awkward, it will affect on your posture. After that we can try cross arms or place them at your knee. Make sure you bent your fingers slightly, straight and stiff hands will draw unnecessary attention.

Shanghai business Portrait headshot
Shanghai business Portrait


It's the most impactful characteristic of your profile photo. Many people associate confidence with being severe and serious. However people who looked happier in photographs were viewed as more trustworthy, far more liable and influential than those that didn't, but every industry is really different with their standard. That's why we always play around with different smile tricks during the photo-shooting.

Shanghai business Portrait finical advisor
Shanghai business Portrait

The 45 angle

I am sure that you might don't want your business headshot looks like a passport photo. Relax your body and lean to sideway, and create space with your body. Shift your weight slightly to one leg, just like how to approach your friend when you talk. That's the pose!


Those tips might looks very easy, but everyone has their camera awkward moment, don't worry about it. It's time for me to talk with you through it and make sure we have the best business photo to help you build up a great professional profile!

Take a minute and try to imagine what you look like. Are the photo you are using now represent your well?


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