• Una Zhu

Shanghai Brand Story: USEDEM, a sustainable designer brand made in China

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Right before Chinese new year, I had the opportunity to work with a brand called USEDEM on their brand photography. UseDem is a brand involving upcycling and transforming the old jeans into new and usable items again.

My intention of this shooting is bringing the authenticity of the brand's personality also the founder's. Discovering new ways to practice sustainability is incredibly rewarding, and here I wish my photography able to increasing brand visibility and make powerful impact through my lens.

Everything started at her own living room. And so let's bring the studio into her place.

Xenia, the founder of USEDEM Shanghai

Going through jeans to check the textile

Being sustainable is a life-long mission

Xenia has extraordinary outgoing personality and super cheerful.

"I have a idea!"

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