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Why I choose to be a headshot photographer

About UNA

As a portrait photographer, the diversified beauty of human nature is a thing that I keep eye on. I hope to observe the irreplaceable beauty of every individual through my eyes, and that camera is the tool I use to record this.

I born and raised in Shanghai. This city is a metropolis abounding in energy and excitement, where everything is changing rapidly, reinforced concrete is constantly stacked. It is modern, it is developing, but it is also somewhat indifferent.

I warmly welcome everyone who appears in my life. The appearance of each person has its own unique meaning. In the vast universe, thousands of souls are gathered in the form of life. For a while, in such an accidental life, everyone who meets is an accidental accident, so I am curious, curious about your existence, and want to take the time to understand you. Photographing is my method of doing this.


"Hey, can't you take a formal photo? It's the kind of picture that makes me look like the top notch."

Three years ago, a friend asked me while he was seeking employment. Soon, I found that there was a need for business photo services. So my decision to make my specialty in this area from the needs.

But I don’t think of this as a job of my livelihood. I love to be an observer. I’m making conversation with guests. Before photography, my first question is always starts "Who is this? What makes the person you are today?". I’m here to listen to you and press the shutter.

My clients are people from a different field, and often they bring unexpected surprises to me, which is also a great opportunity for exploration and learning new things.

My intention is to take that portrait photo that maximizes the usages to every person, that photo could still present for yourself perfectly for a long period of time. The number of customers or how often they come back is not what I am focusing at, my best wish is creating the best and most realistic timeless photos for every individual.

You take your career seriously, and the fact that you’re willing to invest in a quality professional image shows that you are also investing in your education, career, and personal development. Your professional headshot gives your prospects an idea of how you will represent them and the care you will take in meeting their needs.

How does it work?

There is no streamlined photo taking process in my studio. From dressing to posture, every stage will be tailored to your needs. When the moment you enter my studio, take it as a fun hang out, we can talk about random things and feelings. This is the way my first step to knowing you.

Your headshot makes you real in the virtual world. Capture the real feeling is all about my shooting. Most of our new relationships are built on the Internet. A photo that can truly express your own is the first impression you show to the world.

A good headshot gives people an idea of your personality before they meet you. A smile portrays approachability. A serious look portrays determination. Make your expression match your personality. What's your expression?


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