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Corporate Photography​


Time to present your team? Professional images of your team are essential in building your corporate business and branding. It could be an official dazzling moment for everyone.


Make sure we do it right! 

Your company needs a team photo. The photos help you to showcase the company’s size and scope. Your business needs a team photo to highlight the company’s culture and values. It's a very best way to upload in your website’s “About Us” page to simply expose the work atmosphere at your workplace to your clients or future employees.

We do corporate headshots, executives team portraits and environmental office portraits.

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Corporate headsht

Corporate Headshot

Create a branded and consistent look for every team member.

I will bring equipment and set up a studio in your office.

We make it stress-free

executive team

Executive Team

From formal to creative, we have team photos ready in every angle. 

envirotmeal shoot
Enviromental Portraits

Instead of using stock images for your presentation.

Let's dive into the office and capture the real people in real actions. 

How it works
shanghai office portrait photographer on set

We make it stress-free

Producing Team Portraits for your team does not need to be stressful. I am a Location Specialist which means I am happy to travel to your location and set-up a small studio. A conference room or other available space works great.

All preparation would be discussed before we shoot. 

We know they are busy!

I kind of see you are having a headache when you check everyone's schedule. for the photo shooting.  Usually, a nice group photo could be finished within 15 mins! We’ll do all of the planning and preparation so that your executives can walk in and walk out in minutes.

we know how your team’s day can change at the last minute. We’re able to easily adapt and think on our feet to do the shot when you need it done.

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Your clients need to know whom they are working with, your international partner would love to have an image about whom they are emailing every day.

Showing case the company cultural and value with new visuals. 


By bring my equipment and photo gears to any location in Shanghai office, will be such a relief for the team.

We mostly travel to many of our corporate clients’ offices and so most of the portfolio can be achieved where you are. We travel far and wide in Shanghai and Within China too. 
Over the years we have shot numbers of companies and thousands of people. Each project could be different based on the needs.
If you are interested to get a quote, feel free to fill the form below.
If you have very detailed requirements or guideline, feel free to write to me too. 

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