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Headshot for Individuals 



I am here to make people look authentic and professional. All our portraits are modern, bright, relaxed, and most importantly genuine. Everyone should have a photo that makes them feel awesome. I can help with that. 


My number one goal is to capture your personality. We want these photos to represent you, not some made-up, glamorized version of you that no one will recognize. Photographing your energy, your character, and that special spark is the key to a successful headshot.

We do in-studio color backdrop  headshot, on-location portraits, lifestyle portraits, and actor/actress headshot

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business headshot


 This is the most classic style of the headshots. 

Usually shot on a white, grey or black background, it's perfect for keeping uniformity on your social media, professional website and Linkedin profile photos.

On location Portrait


Outdoor portraits are shot with a more descriptive background to show a little more of your personality and add depth to your story.


Outdoor Location Portrait Package

Outdoor portraits can definitely make a difference in the tone of your headshot. While the studio portrait is focused on you and only you, the outdoor portrait uses the exterior background to say more about who you are and what you do.

Cherish nice weather and sunny day, let's create the magic together. 

We understand what is important to you, and we are here to capturing the best moment with hassle free 

Fast, Professional, and Delivery on time

Pre-photography consultation to ascertain all the key style of images with location suggestion

2 hours shooting time

no limits on outfits

Select 6 fine retouch images

Delivery all raw photos

3,200 RMB



Headshot Packages for in-studio Individual

I have developed a range of headshot photographer pricing packages to suit all budgets and requirements. You may be looking for a wide range of headshots and editorial photographs to use online, such as profile photos, LinkedIn photo, company websites, or even use your photos into marketing materials. 


Alternatively, you may simply want an image to replace an outdated photograph on LinkedIn. Either way, I would love to create some truly impactful headshot photographs of you.


If you are looking to have more than one person photographed, please CONTACT me for customized information.

Signature Headshots

2,800 RMB

The full experience!


We are capturing the best you from every ideal angle, delivery with a wide variety of images from formal to casual and everything in between. This involves more complex lighting setups and use of the environment around you

Appro 2 hours studio shoot

Several outfit, backdrop and stylish lighting changes

8 high-resolution headshot

All raw photos to keep

Pro Headshots

2,200 RMB

This is the most popular service.


It allows time for you to relax in front of the camera, try different backgrounds and change clothes so you can create different looks to the images.


We will photograph efficiently but without being rushed. Perfect for those who want a top headshot

Approx 1.5 hours studio shoot

A few outfits changes and 2 backdrops

5 High-res retouched headshot

100 raw photos to keep

Express Headshots

1,500 RMB

Perfect for those who want a quick, cost-effective way to get a fantastic professional headshot.


Get in, get it done, select your photo and get out. By the end of your session, your image is selected and we will delivery your headshots in 2 different resolutions.

Approx 40 mins studio shoot

Two outfit changes and your choice of one backdrop

2 high-resolution headshot

  10 raw photos to keep


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